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Sergio Domínguez and Ana Roldán (Spain) have been artistic partners since 2012. He as a recognized ballroom and Latin dancer, semifinalist of the World Salsa Open 2010. She as a contemporary and hip hop dancer, trained for 7 years in salsa, bachata and other Latin rhythms. They are international instructors and dancers specialized mainly in bachata focused on the Bachata Sensual current as well as working modern bachata, fusion and some traditional.

They are directors of the professional company Arraigo of which they are part along with two other couples and their teams Arraigo Semipro and Arraigo Amateur in Seville, Ciudad Real, Puertollanpo, Lisbon and other cities.
Both are committed in their choreographies to a personal style that fuses Latin rhythms with other dance disciplines.

They are runners-up in Spain Bachatartars 2013, Third Place in Bachatart 2013 and champions of BachataOpen International 2014. As last title they hold the 3rd place of the World Bachata Masters 2015 and 2nd place the public in the Bachata Partnerwork division.

They currently travel to Latin dance festivals and congresses around the world and teach their regular classes at On Dance Studios Sevilla.